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Made this for my boyfriend

Photos by @pecotecooo how cute are our customers ?! Wearing Mildred skirt and Babelet shorts at Disney 💟😘💝💖😘 #seeninshrine

People say you’ve bewitched Kurt, that he’s just a simple-minded guy and you… Courtney: Well, Jesus, don’t flatter him all at once. One minute he’s a leader, a voice for a generation - next minute I’m spoon-feeding him cereal and fucking his life up. Kurt went after me. I wanna tell you about how we finally got together. I was going out with Billy Corgan - for my sins, for my sins, we all make mistakes - actually fuck it, no, he’s stuck up for me. Billy’s okay. He was good in bed. Very good in bed. Anyway, I was with Billy, and I went on tour with him in Europe. They [The Pumpkins] were playing some festival with Nirvana, and I stood on the side of the stage and Kurt was drunk, really really drunk, staggering all over the stage. He started singing a song in a really high voice about me, he and Dave [Grohl] were making jokes about me and Billy, and it was so embarrassing. I was squeezing Billy’s hand digging my nails right in. Anyway, the dressing-room was covered in graffiti about me, which I found out later Kurt had done, because he was jealous of Billy. And all round Europe, the Pumpkins played in venues a week after Nirvana, and every dressing room had something scrawled in it from Kurt. There were hundreds of weird coincidences. I didn’t initially go after him. I wanted him to date Kat [Bjelland, from Babes in Toyland]. I tried to get them together. So everyone can stop all this shit now. It’s the lying I can’t stand. It’s the lying that gets me down. One thing this last terrible year has proved: if you lie about us, I will hit you, Kurt will shoot you, and we will sue.

pre-homecoming 1991
"freshman year of high school. my date was mike dear, who was put in prison a couple of years later for attempting to stab his mother.
"my dress was from 5-7-9 at genesee valley mall."



Sunset, PurpleAnn Woo

 ✰ pretty indie ✰